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A Conscious Journey of Personal Transformation:  

1. Learn deeper Self-Awareness-the place where all change begins.

2. Discover how to leverage what you learn about yourself.

3. Take the right Action consistently,  becoming who you need to be to have the life you want. 

4.  Integrate your Progress-Stay inspired and engaged by the changes you make in yourself, and your life.

Can LifeMap transform your life?

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu

The vision of where you want to go isn’t something that just happens to you, it’s already in you. It is something you uncover and get to work creating. It is built on a foundation of powerful self-awareness and inevitably leads to your personal transformation.

Life Mapping is a process that reveals and unlocks the best in you, makes every day count, and takes you further than you ever thought possible.

It is a framework that will help you design and live a life and way of BEing that you fall in love with every day. You’ll look back and say:

“I did it. I followed through with my vision.”

Think about this:

What if you had a map that FOCUSED your attention every day, increasing your self-awareness about what's really going on in your life? A way to clearly see what you don't want, and revealing what you do want.

What if that Map left no question each day about the choices you can make,  the actions you can take to stop creating what you don't want?  Instead, allowing you to put your attention and energy toward creating what you do want?

What if that map was:


  • Your guide to how to show up every day from your best, and toward your best. instead of coming from uncertainty, indecision, and  self-doubt.
  • A daily reflection of who you are BEing, and what to shift to be who you WANT to be. Instead of continually comparing yourself to others.
  • The steady pointer to your North Star. Without a sense of purpose or direction, we can get stuck, lost and drained of our precious energy, reacting to wht feels like is 'haoopening to us'   in our lives.
  • A system to keep you on track, engaged, and inspired to keep reaching for your best self, your north star, what you are truly made of.  Without seeing where you are going, you lose focus and momentum. You begin practicing distraction, procrastination, and those other hidden habits that hold you back.


The LifeMap Journey


  • Step 1

     Self-Awareness-Where All Change Begins:

    It begins by discovering the answer to this fundamental question;

    “Who and I Being in my life, and can that person create the life I want?”

    THE FIRST Step moves through the 5 life domains that hold the potential for the very best of you.  When you expand your self-awareness you see how you've been showing up.  How the choices you've been making have created who you are and where you are now. This is the most important information you could possibly gain.  With this clarity of who you are being, you see how to be and what to do differently to create the results and experiences you really want.  Waking up to this 'seeing' is game-changing. If you only worked this phase of the mapping journey, your life would change.

    The Life Domains:

    Personal Connections: You learn to identify and cultivate your best supports and a circle of powerful allies and collaborators that see and inspire the best in you,  skills and confidence.
    Personal Assets: You better understand your unique strengths and abilities and learn to embody, enhance and leverage them daily.
    Personal Barriers: An eye-opening understanding of your perceived limits and roadblocks, how you show up, what's really at play in you, and how to transform what gets in your way.
    Personal Practices: The ability to stop practicing habits that hold you back, and turn your unique and effective practices into your personal superpower, core habits.
    Personal Principles: A constant alignment with your core values.
  • Step 2

    Discovery-Your Understanding and  Emerging  Vision:

    “That journey you just took? All that it revealed to you began to clarify what you really want.”

    You now understand what's been at play in your life, and what you have to work with within yourself.  It begins to clarify what you want and why you want it, releasing you from the doubt and confusion of that 'stuck' energy.  You start showing up differently for yourself, seeing possibility and the actions you can take to create it. It's all in what you've been practicing; more of the habits and patterns that hold you back, rather than those that empower and expand you.

  • Step 3

     Action-Becoming What You Practice:

    You see yourself differently now,  with greater understanding and compassion.   You see clearly, new possibilities, new desires, and new choices. Your map has everything you need to design the actions and practices that will create a new way of being in any situation or circumstance where you desire to change. It's all in what you practice. that is how you create. We're doing it all day, every day. Only now you do it with intention.

  • Step 4

    Progress- and Staying the Course:

    You have built a life-changing framework of personal support, clarity, deeper understanding, and accountability for transformation. You have a system to stay self-aware, in well thought out, focused-action, and motivated by the real change you create. Because you’re human, you will also encounter resistance in cleverly disguised forms. That’s because when you put a stake in the ground and declare something you want, you also naturally create its energetic opposite. 'Staying the course' means being prepared for that. And it means keeping yourself reminded of the truth of what you  DO change, how you DO grow, and the real progress you DO make.  This is ‘living’ your map. Its genius, I can’t wait for you to use it.

LifeMap 8-week Online Group Course

Whenever possible, I offer the Life Mapping experience online for a small group of inspired and committed souls that take the Life Mapping journey together. A group of like-minded individuals with a common purpose can create an extraordinary level of support, insight, and creativity that enhances everyone's experience and results.

If you would like to be alerted when the next course will start, let me know here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LifeMap Course Right for Me?

LifeMap is a direct path to your expansion.

Your story, who you are is for you alone to create. It’s never too late and you haven’t wasted your time. Start now. Today is what matters.  The choices you make each day  creates who you are being and who you are being creates your life experience. No exception.

There is no finish line for you and I.  We're always evolving. Unlike all other forms of life, we have the unlimited potential to experiment, adapt, learn, and become. We have ever-expanding possibility available to us. We can continually evolve into a better version of who we are right now, or we can do a complete transformation into someone we haven’t been before, and likely didn’t know was possible.

The LifeMap process is designed to do both.  You choose. Use it to continue to develop yourself from who you are right now, or go for big, scary, life-changing goals that reinvent you and transform your world. And anything in between of course.

If you are ready to make that leap into your expanded self and life, LifeMap can get you started now and is a personal process you use for the rest of your life.