Personal Growth Coaching


It’s a partnership:

While lasting change can happen in an instant, we have long standing habits, patterns and beliefs in the way of our potential.  New perspective takes time and courage. And a powerful partnership that champions your dreams.

  • We first ground in commitment and determination, then take an honest and thorough look at where you are right now. With that, your vision begins to reveal itself.
  • Now you are asking better, more empowered questions and noticing what you hadn’t been able to see before.
  • You start taking brand new action you also didn’t see or believe in, and get brand new results.

Once you know where you are, you can see where you’re going and the path to get there.

A conversation will tell you

1:1 Coaching

A funny thing happens when you make the DECISION to take the trajectory of your life back into your own hands. When you’re ready to become free to live more profoundly. Life starts orchestrating people and circumstances to help you. In support of this, you invest in your inner work, that only you can do.

  • You emotionally invest in yourself, and become your own best ally.
  • You focus your personal resources of time, attention, and energy on your commitment to create something extraordinary.
  • And you invest financially in yourself as your best asset, the most essential investment you will ever make.

Your program is completely unique to you. It is designed specifically for what you want to achieve. You choose either a 6 month or 1-year commitment.

You can go as singularly focused or as deep and wide as you’re up for. Sky’s the limit. I’m all in for your extraordinary possibility and your unique challenges.


In order to get to where you want to go, you need to know where you are.

To become who you want to be, you need to know who you are ‘being’ right now.

Who you are being starts to expand beginning with the very act of looking.

And if don't have a clear  vision for your life or what you want, you’ll find this process reveals it to you.

With a vision, you see your next right actions, with all the detail you need to take them.   You have the support you need to stay focused and consistent, move through any resistance, and to stay connected to and inspired by your progress.

And then you stay the course. And you evolve. And your life changes as your vision comes to life. This is Life Mapping. It is a 3-month journey of personal discovery and creation.

Client Testimonial


Ginny is exquisite!  Time and time-again, she has the keen ability to hone in, with precision, on the next right thing that I need to do  to up my game.  Ginny pushes me to be my best self by shattering my limiting beliefs and recreating my reality.

If you want to succeed at anything; your relationship, your career, your finances, or perhaps, your gardening, Ginny will take you to the next level!

Marley Mueller

Grant Writer, Ultra-Runner, Mom,
Awesome Wife, Lover of Life!

Nevada City, CA