How Procrastination Holds the Solution to your Inaction

By revealing the limiting belief behind it

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

See procrastination in a new light

It’s a universal experience. It’s not a defect that only seemingly lazy or weak people have. We all do it.

It’s a form of resistance. And resistance is the natural polar opposite of life giving feelings like inspiration and enthusiasm.

Procrastination is a natural energy state that serves a very useful purpose. So stop your war on procrastination. It is a powerful signal for you, not a negative statement about you.

Don’t miss the 2 gems hidden in procrastination

The first gem, and its an invaluable one, is that your resistance is pointing directly to a limiting belief at work in your subconscious.

The second is the action you are putting off is the perfect action that will allow you to see that your limiting belief isn’t actually true. What you are resisting is specifically pointing what will grow you.

Here is an embarrassing example …

I had put off again and again, following up with a store where I had put a piece of jewelry on consignment. Every time I thought of calling, I just couldn’t do it. I felt a heavy sense of doubt and constriction-feelings that didnt line up with the simple event I was contemplating: making a phone call.

Truthfully, I had this wierd internal experience over and over for more than 8 years. Then a time came when I really needed that money. I rememebred about the old consignment and those feelings flooded back in. What was going on here?

I took a deep look at how crazy this behavior was. Thats when I found a limiting belief; around money and not being deserving. I didn’t deserve the money from the sale of that piece of jewelry.

That really stung.

It was disturbing to see how powerfully my thinking had been distorted. And to realize this belief has undoubtedly been a primary driver my whole life. It boggled my mind to think about the level of distress generated from a conditioned, condtricting belief I was not consciously aware of.

Thanks to the feeling of distress, now I was aware of it. I decided to look at this what my limiting belief had created completely differently. I decided to look for what else might be true.

What if by not calling them I had actually created a kind of savings account, so I had the right amount of money just when I needed it most? And what if I would actually be helping them to clear up a consignment that had been on their books for more than 8 years? What if they had been looking for me and couldn’t find me? Suddenly, I looked forward to calling them.

It turns out they were very happy to hear from me. The piece had in fact sold several years before. The manager had believed they had already sent me a check. As soon as he looked into it he saw that didn’t happen and he put a check in the mail the next day. And it was almost exactly what I needed.

Yet another bonus…

The tension that is created by inaction has an oppressive effect. In the releasing of that tension there is another gift. There is the tremendous feeling of relief, even a surge of energy, when we finally bust through procrastination and get into movement toward the thing we have been avoiding. It’s instant gratification and it feels like freedom.

Putting this insight to work…

After this event, doing the thing in front of me became one of my Personal Commitments. More and more it is my automatic response to noticing the pull of procrastination. Its working. I have dramatically reduced the amount of procrastination I suffer, and the amount of energy and opportunity it steals from me.

If you’d like to to learn more about your own limiting beliefs, they are hiding in plain sight in the voice in your head, your self-talk.

Download my free 5 Steps to Transform Your Negative Self-talk workbook, how to make your self-talk work for you instead of against you.

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