“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”               – Lao Tzu


**NOW CLOSED**The 90 Day Life Mapping Online Group Course:

This January 8th through March 25th  


Design your 2020 Exponential New Normal


Are you ready to take your Life Trajectory in your own hands? 

  • What if…you could start this coming year taking the next phase of your life firmly in your own hands? Not just for this coming year,but for the next decade?
  • What if… you could gain a whole new level of self-understanding and then turn into real transformation? 
  • What if… you jumped right in to 2020 with the ability to leverage who and where you are right now, into where you want to go? 

It’s way past time…to end feeling stuck and unclear.

It is exactly the right time to begin creating your Exponential New Normal


You already have the answers within you…really.  Mining for what’s at play in your life right now, your assets and obstacles, your support system and core values, the aspects that create your life every day, begins to reveal those answers to you. You just need to put those answers to work for you in an actionable plan.


Create more choice and deeper meaning…  

                       Instead of disappointment and unfulfilled dreams.


 Fill up with purpose and inspiration… 

                         Instead of living the same days over and over again.


 Be in clarity about who you are and what you want… 

                         Instead of stuck in vagueness and doubt.


See the clues your life has given you to your path…

                        Instead of settling for someone else’s vision. 


Live into being happy now… 

                        Instead of waiting to find it somewhere ‘out there’ or ‘later.’         


You are the common denominator and your best asset in every aspect of your life. You are in charge of it.  You can intend the next phase of your life’s journey!

Your potential is not out there in your future. It’s in you now.  Isn’t it time to reach for what you can really do with how amazing you really are, especially if you don’t feel amazing?

 Your Life Mapping Journey Begins on January 8, through March 25, 2020

Let’s get to work elevating your life trajectory.


Experience Life Mapping and discover the ability you already have to create the rest of your life, beginning this new year! 


Life Mapping is a dynamic life development system that puts your life path clearly in your own hands.  


Designed to unlock the best in you, it makes every day count.  You’ll look back on your life decades from now, and think: 

“I did it. I followed through with my vision.”


The Life Mapping system identifies and integrates what’s at play in your life right now, and from there develops:

  • A deeper understanding of self that results in better habits
  • A new level of focus and motivation for what you can really do
  • A greater mastery of mindset and emotions
  • A stronger sense of balance and control.
  • clearer vision for your life purpose, your best self and, most fulfilling life. 


Life Mapping is a 3-part guided journey to create and implement your personal map.

Part 1. The Foundation–   Five Modules that build a new level of self-awareness and practices that create immediate changes. I begins by discovering your  answer to this fundamental question 

“How am I showing up in my life, and can that person take me where I want to go?”


Part 2.  Purposeful Visioning- Two modules that establish your compelling life vision and a well-designed plan to create it; 

Imagine your personalized map of where you are now, where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there


Part 3. The Living Map– How to stay the course no matter what f self-sabotage shows up. Unlike traditional methods, your vision and goals are built on your personal commitments; expressions of your core values. 

This is your ‘why’.



Here is what you will create over 12 weeks…

  • An understanding of how you show up in your life now, how to enhance what works and eliminate what ‘s in your way.
  • Clarity of your unique strengths and a plan to leverage them day to day, toward your goals.
  • Clarity about who is in your best support and how to start cultivating a circle of relationships that evolve your thinking, skills and confidence.
  • The ability to turn effective growth practices into your personal core habits.
  • A new level of consistent ‘being’ based on your core values and personal commitments.
  • A vision of your future built from where you are right now.
  • A well-designed plan and actionable goals to get there.
  • A system to stay the course, reset and recommit when needed and see your goals through. 


Your Map becomes a framework for self-developmentvision creation and goal achievement that will keep you moving in the direction of your intention.


Your personal investment:

  • Financial: $1497.00  for the 3 month course,  with the ability to pay in full or in 2 installments.
  • Time with the group: 12 weekly 2 hour interactive online group coaching sessions over 3 months (a 24 hour time investment) every Wednesday (time to be determined).
  • Time on your own: A few minutes each day set aside to review your map and what’s happening, make additions and refinements and put ‘something on your map into action.’
  • One on One time with me: 1 additional individual coaching session each month with me, to get more specific about your own map,  and help you complete each module meaningfully, and any additional communication we need to do to keep you mapping! 


Upon enrolling, you’ll receive an orientation video detailing each learning module and the role of the small group ‘mastermind’: We are genius together. Every session will be live group learning,  sharing of wisdom and insight and the opportunity for  deeper reflection, self-awareness and and greater possibility for everyone.


Week 1: Supports and Allies 

Week 2: Strengths and Assets

Week 3: Limits and Barriers

Week 4: Personal Commitments 

Week 5: Personal Practice

Week 6: Visioning

Week 7: Goal Designing 

Week 8: Real Life implementation and environment integration

Week 9-12: The Living Map


Congratulations, you’re in the right place and we’re ready to go in early 2020! 

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After I receive your payment, I will send you:

  • A big virtual welcome video.
  • Pre mapping course questions to get you thinking about the modules now.
  • Answers to any of the additional questions that may occur to you.