March 30, 2019 Nevada City, CA: The Small Group Life Mapping Intensive


“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” – Jim Rohn

Spring is about to happen.

Soon everything around us will be bursting with new life, new possibility, new energy. We will be making the physical, emotional and spiritual transition from the darker, colder, slower hibernation of winter, to the rebirth and reneal part of our annual cycle.  Our natural life rythm.

How about jumpstarting that process? In tentionally getting yourself inspired and  excited by your possibiliesfor creating this year? 


Create the Rest of Your 2019 and Beyond with the Small Group Life Mapping Intensive, Saturday, March 30th

In beautiful Nevada City, CA, right in the heart of the historical Downtown.  



The ‘group mind’, when focused, is infinitely more genius, innovative and powerful than any single individual. THIS small group collaboratively co-creates an inspired environment full of life experience and  shared vision of what is truly possible, a vision more expansive than we tend think of, or dare believe in, on our own. This is a ‘mastermind effect’. We  ‘tap’ this magic all day.   In this environment, you create first your own comprehensive Life Map. In addition to personal attention from me, the group serves as  peer brainstorming, a catalyst and a support team to dig deep and dream large. The group enables you to:

  • Clearly articulate who and where you are now,  who and where you want to go from here
  • Brainstorm the resources you already have to work with right now, both internally and externally
  • Be inspired to think bigger and more intentionally than you would on your own
  • Share ideas, solutions and commitments around limiting beliefs, fears and old habits, and disarm them
  • Share ideas, practices  and commitments around energy and momentum, and  step into the  mindset  of your next-level self
  • Create accountability, resiliency and reward strategies to stay on your path, and your ability to  ‘reset’ when you wander off



We start the day creating your Map. This process, your Mapping journey:

CONNECTS your natural allies and supports OWNS your personal strengths RECOGNIZES what holds you back CLARIFIES your personal principles & commitments ILLUMINATES what you really, really want DISCOVERS your focused and consistent movement forward REVEALS the practices you’ll use and habits you’ll form to cultivate all of it CREATES CHANGE day after day, with every choice you make.  You are guided RIGHT TO your next life actions, your ‘right now’ goals.

The rest of the day creates the complete functional framework for those goals so you can hit the ground running, moving toward what you want this year and beyond.  It is an intense, highly focused and ‘deep’ day, yet you’ll end it grounded in awareness, clarity, direction and commitment. ✊  



Within the month that follows, you’ll have a follow-up coaching session with me to: 

• Make changes or fine-tune your plan 

• Expand or narrow down your commitments based on having ‘tried on’ your goals 

• Get all your questions answered to effectively stay in motion  

• Hone your planning  to use what truly supports you, and transform what challenges you 

• Solidify an accountability, reward and celebration system, and stay focused and energized by what is working.   


The Details:


Prior to the Intensive: Make both the time and the financial investment BEFORE the event to:

  • Save one of only 6 spots available
  • Make this commitment to yourself and remove the opening for ‘resistance’ that creates excuses for you not to follow through with what inspires you. Pre-register for $395.00 by contacting me and I’ll send you the registration.
  • Next you will receive via email pre-intensive questions to prompt and prime you to get the utmost possible from the intensive experience, the address of the event and any local resources you are interested in.    


The day of the Intensive You will receive:

  • A 26 X 30 Life Map Template and ‘prompt’ sheets as guides for every aspect of the mapping process.
  • Goal framework templates you can chose from, to structure your goals in the way that makes sense to you.



A 1.5 hours  ‘lock it in’ coaching session post-intensive, roughly a month out to give you time to practice and find the areas of implementing your goals you may want to troubleshoot.  

Remember, “Preparation creates, and it ALWAYS creates in your favor” (me).❤️🏁

We’re creating from the field of unlimited possibility, imagining/thinking into the world what’s to come, priming our brain and subconscious mind to INTEND with care, commitment and genius, the next phase of our lives. Stay open to your best year ever, no matter what. Let’s DO this.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” —Arthur Ashe


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” —Arthur A

Interested? Want to find out if this intensive is right for you? Are you ready to just go for it?

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