On the Roof Podcast: Why you need to write YOUR story

So happy to connect with my friend Scott, who lives in New York. He himself, is recovering from a scary bout of Covid-19, and anxious to get back to his podcasting.    I wanted to talk more about his experience but Scott is a diehard interviewer, is intensely curious about people, loves to dig deep…

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Mastery Mind Podcast

Mastery Mind Podcast still frame

In this episode, Raven asks me questions about the transition from a career as a therapist to the coaching approach, some simple ways we can embrace living into things like resistance, self-awareness and our potential and how Life Mapping works.

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On the Roof Podcast Interview

What a blast this conversation was, with Scott Phelan for his podcast On The Roof. He’s quite a character with a wild past and a giant heart of gold. We talk about addiction and the journey of recovery, the crazy thoughts that were driving us along the way, and how sharing and learning from each other…

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