About Ginny Cutler, CPCC, LMFT

“When you get right down to the root meaning of the word “succeed,” you find that it simply means to follow through.” —F.W. Nichol

If there is a common thread that runs through all my coaching with clients, it’s the simple yet fundamental practice of follow through. 
One of my coaches once asked me this powerful question:
“What is the one thing in your life, that if you could be, do or have, would change everything?”
My answer…
“…if I could consistently follow through with my word to myself.  No excuses. That would change everything for me.”

Professional Experience 

“I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as ‘making a life’.” -Maya Angelou

It has been a deeply rich learning journey of more than 30 years in the behavioral health profession as a licensed psychotherapist. In that role and over that time I have worked with thousands of people who’s lives were interrupted by the consequences of substance misuse and addiction, many more dealing with a mind and emotional system that threatened to take away their ability to live a connected and meaningful life.

I ultimately specialized in working with people dealing with both at the same time. They have been of widely diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures, and all kinds of  life experiences, perspectives  and worldviews. I innately focused on helping people learn to find their relief and recovery through understanding and integrating the wholeof themselves in connection with their unique circumstances. 

I am grateful for everything they taught me about hope and resilience,  the human condition and the human spirit.   

As a way to find a weird kind of balance in an intense career, I started racing motorcycles when I turned 40.  I became an instructor for a riding school over during that time, honestly,  to get more coveted track time. Yet it was while I was coaching people to ride on the racetrack, that I made a life changing discovery; the coaching profession. I recognized it as an approach that would intentionallyfocus on the entirety of who people are.  Instead of the problem, the label and a more limited menu of outcomes, I could focus on the vision and capability that emerged once a person could integrate and leverage all of their life experience and who they had become.    

I dove in and became a certified professional coach in 2010. After discovering what had been missing in my career, I gradually I stepped out of traditional psychology and its particular frame and tools. And into what has been even more powerful and fulfilling work  I am eternally grateful for those decades of experience that I can bring to my life’s work now. It has been invaluable.

Now I get to focus on the courage, tenacity, capacity for resilience and growth  and the ability to create that is the very nature of the beings that we are.   

Fitness and Play 

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

I love the life force that grows from physical labor and how it keeps you strong. I live on a ranch in Northern California and I like to think I live a little bit of a chop wood, carry water lifestyle. I have an 8- year-old horse that I’ve raised since the night he was born; we’ve been training each other ever since he came in to my life, mostly on how to just communicate.  I used to ride as a kid but I quickly found, over the last few years under my brother’s tutelage, that I needed to unlearn everything I thoughtI knew about horses and riding. I’m working on softnessin body, hands and intention right now.

As an ex-motorcycle road racer (a 10- year gig), I am ecstatic about what those years taught me, because it made me a different person. I learned about self-discipline and self-responsibility, the power of preparation to create, what real team work is, a new depth of connection, friendship and community I hadn’t experienced before, what a competitive sport pulls out of us, what courage reallyis, that attitude is the first creator, how and why to trust in self and others, what actually builds confidence, the necessary interplay of failure and triumph, the creative power of consistency, that focus is a skill we can learn and  growth happens only within a learner’s mindset, and the return on the willingness to venture out on my ‘edge.’

Needless to say, it re-invented me.  It also taught me a great deal about my capacity for resilience, my primary role in wellness, injury and healing, what’s involved in getting back up after a crash, and the importance of an unfailingly supportive and inspirational community of like-minded individuals. My  next adventure into sport is not quite clear yet, but it’s definitely brewing.



“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” -Gautama Buddha

After 20+ years of a chronic illness, I became one of many I now realize, that took their health in their own hands to transform a diagnosis, a set of symptoms and a prescribed daily medication regime into something that no longer exists. 

We are all an ‘N of 1.’ It takes some time and perseverance in self experimentation and observation to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  And to eventually find your own ‘optimal’. No one can find it for us. We must be our own best general practitioner! 

As a result, I learned to grow clean food, make my own probiotic drink (Jun, a type of Kombucha), I learned the long-standing tradition of sourdough bread making after growing my own local ‘’starter, and I discovered I function my very best practicing a combination of intermittent and longer term Fasting as a regular part of my routine.   I continue to experiment with different eating regimes and learning about real food on the macro and micro level,  to find my optimal.  ‘Experts’ are still learning, discovering the unexpected every day, so my goal is to listen and learn,  experiment along with, and stay tuned in. Because it all comes down to taking responsibility to learn about this physical body I’m in, how it really works and to know how to give it what it needs to thrive.

I am a practitioner of maximizing conditions in my environment that help me thrive; like movement and play, creating and building things, getting lots of natural light, learning about the magic of breath, going barefoot in the dirt and the microorganisms a that work for me, and everything else powerful in nature that supports us.

Including surrounding myself with wonderful human beings.


“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” -Paulo Coelho

Life reflects what we believe, and what we believe is created by the persistent thoughts we project out onto the world.  “Only always” as Byron Katie would say.

I am the sum of all the choices I have ever made. And I will  become  the sum of the choices I continue to make. Starting now. All my experience is the result of my repeated thoughts and repeated behaviors. If I want a different experience, I experiment with different thinking, feeling and doing.  That’s how creation works.

That’s the great news.  That’s how we are creators of our experience. Our life trajectory can be shifted by us, in a new direction by a new choice, any time. We can reinvent ourselves and our lives at any moment, on any day. We just need to see this and then test it.  

This is why I coach, and why I will always want to BE coached. Because we are often unable to see what is right there in front of us, yours truly included!

Who I work with

There is no limit to what people are capable of, especially together.

I believe with all my being in my clients’ powerful intentions, unlimited possibility and ever-expanding potential.  

They are professionals and wise retired individuals, students, athletes and entrepreneurs, C-level executives and career rebels, and a wonderful mix of ‘out of the box’ people forging unexpected paths in this unexpected world we live in.  

 They are quite a mix of backgrounds, styles and roles.  Yet they are all courageous, persistent and enormously inspiring to me. They often don’t know it at first but they have a vision and everything they need to realize it. Sometimes it just gets buried under the story of a lifebut it’s always there.  

All that’s necessary is to make a decision, to decide to move in the direction of what we can see.  We can  learn to cultivate and leverage the mindset of determination.  With that mindset and a powerful partnership, it’s only a matter of time…





Stressed, anxious, angry, and sad, I started working with Ginny to try to figure out how to get to a better place, figuratively and maybe literally as well.  Without judgment or preconceived ideas about me or where this journey may take me, Ginny has encouraged me to question my assumptions, recognize the thoughts behind my feelings, break the habits that interfere with creating a fulfilling life, and identify and do the things that bring me joy, all part of building relationships that I want to have and creating a life that I want to live. This is not about adapting to circumstances or accepting limitations (although I must do that, like everyone else I know). It’s about recognizing and accepting my essence and building core strength to be the person I want to be.  

On this journey Ginny is a coach and a partner–listening, questioning, talking, teaching, laughing.  Laughter is good.  I am lucky that she is in my life.  

-Irene J.

Grass Valley, CA



I found Ginny while struggling with  my career and really, what I wanted in my life.  I also had been struggling with my addiction.  We  jumped right in, using  an unforgettable mapping technique Ginny called my  Masterpiece in Progress Map. The map gave me clarity and certainty and kept me constant and persistently on track. I always had a sense of the “we” in my experience with Ginny. I think of her as an “inspirational influencer” who always kept my goals foremost, yet with flexibility as they shifted as I began reaching them. Ginny educated me on the impact of my pattern of negative thinking and beliefs which were making my life painful, and taught me tools that changed all that. The results have been utterly transformational. I use them daily and am happier and healthier due to the difference in my thought patterns. I have returned to sober living, and after 6 months of work on my initial goals, I  have signed up for an additional 3-months to work on a new goal. I’d like to shout this from the rooftop: Ginny’s coaching enabled me to reclaim my life. I can’t thank her enough.

-Thais A.

Sedona, AZ



Working with Ginny is like taking the fast track to personal development and expansion.  I have spent years in therapy trying to address specific challenges that I have ultimately been able to resolve in a single session with Ginny.  Not only does she remind me of my unlimited potential but she consistently meets me in a place of non-judgment and sincere regard for my process. This has led me to go deep within my own process and transform limiting beliefs nearly immediately.

Her approach to coaching is both innovative as well as compassionate.  She weaves into the experience a tremendous amount of wisdom, inspiration, an invaluable skill-set along with total commitment which in turn fosters a safe and supportive relationship where both transformation and potential can be unleashed.  Her authenticity and humble approach is both contagious as well as inspiring.  I am beyond grateful for the work I’ve done with Ginny and would highly recommend her to anyone facing what feels like an impossible challenge and desires substantial change stemming from the deepest parts of self.

-Star Rose Bond
Clinical Therapist & Transformational Coach


Ginny Cutler’s work is truly unique.  My husband and I were not in a good place in our relationship when we came to work with her.  After 10 years together, having our daughter, building and running a retreat center and several businesses, life had taken its toll on our relationship.  There was so much miscommunication, judgment and resentment floating around as well as feelings of disconnect as a couple, simply due to the pressures of life, parenthood and overall workload.  We were considering separating often.  In 6 months of working with Ginny and without any drastic intervention, we begin to develop much more understanding, tolerance, patience and appreciation for one another as well as rekindle and redefine our love for one another. Truly miraculous.  I have a lot of respect for Ginny and her work.

-Aubrey Bamdad
Director & Founder
Yacumaman Sanctuary for Integral Shamanism
Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals, LLC
Sacred Motherhood Blueprint LLC




I’ve known Ginny for about 4 years both as a wonderful friend and more recently as a life-coach.

Her compassion and deep understanding of the struggles life sometimes offers, has never ceased to amaze and delight me. In my own case, it was her ability to quickly focus in on ‘the deeper issue at hand’ that so impressed me. Whenever I’d come up with a block of some sort, she’d be right there with insight that helped me work through it. I’d highly recommend Ginny for anyone wishing to expand their understanding of themselves and grow into what awaits them.

-Coulter Adams
Photographer, Humanitarian, World Traveler

Nevada City, CA


Ginny is exquisite!  Time and time-again, she has the keen ability to hone in, with precision, on the next right thing that I need to do  to up my game.  Ginny pushes me to be my best self by shattering my limiting beliefs and recreating my reality.

If you want to succeed at anything; your relationship, your career, your finances, or perhaps, your gardening, Ginny will take you to the next level!
-Marley Mueller
Grant Writer, Ultra-Runner, Mom,
Awesome Wife, Lover of Life!

Nevada City, CA


After re-positioning my professional trajectory and embarking on my life long dream of becoming a writer, I sought out Ginny to help me create structure, goals and achievable milestones.  Ginny quickly devised a well articulated plan to help me analyze and assess my most viable projects with clear and concise action items to move them forward…or not.  She intuitively helped me clarify the underlying ‘whys’ for each project, while helping me work through blocks and limiting beliefs that have plagued me for years.  In a matter of months Ginny deftly guided me from thinking about being a writer to writing my first book!  I would unconditionally recommend Coach Ginny to anyone looking to get to the next level in any aspect of their professional, personal spiritual lives.

-Doug Fleming
Lawyer, Entrepreneur

Nevada City, CA

I met Ginny through an online group, because I was struggling with letting go of what no longer served me. Ginny, whom I hadn’t met yet, offered to help. In one 45-minute call, talking with Ginny was like choreographing a dance that already exists. She was completely present in the moment with me because, as she told me, she doesn’t have expectations of how the discovery process will unfold. It’s that openness to possibility that makes Ginny so incredible and effective at what she does. I felt it immediately.

Her generous spirit and kind disposition instantly put me at ease, and I felt comfortable opening up to her. In that one conversation, I had a few breakthroughs because she created an environment in which I felt safe enough to trust and listen to myself. Thank you, Ginny. You are a gift.


Austin, Texas


Ginny possesses amazing coaching skills which have a way of helping you clearly work through the false stories & limiting beliefs we tell ourselves. Her ability to help you create and work toward a vision is highly effective & unique. She gives positive & clear direction for building your dream. I find her a joy to work with.

-Dr. Sara Fighter

ACN Telecommunications & Energy